Kehndi Hundi Si Goes Worldwide! Top FC Manchester City’s Recent Post Is Inspired From AP Dhillon’s Excuses

AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon have taken over the world like a storm. The most viral thing on the planet right now is none other than a line from their one year old song, Excuses. The ‘Kehndi Hundi Si’ has turned into a megatrend and became the most viral meme of the year so far. While Indian brands could not stop showing their creativity with the Kehndi Hundi Si trend, International football clubs have joined the league now.

English Premier League Football Club, Manchester City recently posted a picture on their official Instagram handle, which has over 28.9 million followers at the time of writing this article. Manchester City is not only one of the most valuable and the biggest football clubs in England, but also the world. Their official IG handle posted a picture of their star club players, Bernardo Silva, Aymeric Laporte and Phil Foden and the caption of the post was “Kehndi Hundi Si, Club Football Lauta De”.

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Not just the caption! The whole post was inspired by the cover art of ‘Excuses’. The club players were placed in the same way as AP, Gurinder and Intense stand in Excuses poster. For better understanding, you need to take a look at these pictures to see the similarities.

Europe doesn’t currently have any club fixtures for the month of January, 2022. The players have departed their clubs to meet up with their national teams all around the globe. International football suffered a lot of postponements and delays in their fixtures due to COVID-19 last year. So this window was created for the teams to make up for their matches. 

Earlier, brands like Paytm, Zomato, Swiggy, Man force and what not used this trend for their product and service advertisement. The social media is currently flooded with ‘Kehndi Hundi Si’ and it feels like we have never seen a trend like this before! There is hardly a meme trend that originated from Punjab and reached International football clubs! AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill, Shinda Kahlon and their whole team are surely having the time of their life.

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