Khali Trends On Twitter. Netizens Share The Funniest Memes Once Again

Every active user of social media is currently aware of what’s going in the comment box of The Great Khali’s Instagram posts. 

The trend has gone viral and various people are sharing creative and funny memes for a while now. But ‘Khali’ is once again trending on Twitter.

Where on one hand, people are commenting on Khali’s posts and sharing screenshots of the funniest comments, on the other hand, there are some people who are highlighting why is it important to keep the jokes to some limits without disrespecting him.

Here we have collected some of the most viral and best tweets netizens shared using the hashtag Khali on Twitter.

Team Kiddaan in no way supports or appreciates disrespecting or defaming any personality. We do believe that it’s always more important to maintain dignity while making jokes on anyone. We are well aware of and are fan of The Great Khali. 

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