Khalsa Aid CEO Ravi Singh Writes To New Zealand PM To Show His Concern Regarding International Students

Every year, thousands of students from India go abroad to pursue higher studies. Students have shown interests in the countries of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England and every year students go there for study purposes or settlement purposes. Like every year, many students went abroad, specifically New Zealand, but they did not know what future had been waiting for them. Due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19), international students were asked to return to their countries for the country’s citizens’ safety. Students were sent back to India and New Zealand has still not opened its borders for their return.

CEO of Khalsa Aid and Humanitarian Ravi Singh has written a letter to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern showing his concern regarding these international students. He expressed his concern regarding students who have paid their university fees and other associated costs to study in New Zealand despite hailing from financially backward backgrounds. He wrote that due to the borders still being closed, the students and their families are going through immense financial pressure and mental distress.

New Zealand had notified the students about the lockdown, 6 hours before the closure of borders. Ravi Singh stated that it was not enough time for students, who had come to visit their families, to arrange flights back to New Zealand. He requested the Prime Minister to review her decision regarding the issue and volunteered for any discussions necessary to take any further steps. Ending the letter with showing willingness to help in any way possible, he wrote that the PM’s decision would impact many families.

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