Khalsa Aid Extended Help And Provide ‘Guru Ka Langar’ To People Of Ukraine

Throughout recent floods, famines and hardships, one organization has popped up constantly, providing aid and support to the needy and vulnerable. Wherever there’s a disaster, Khalsa Aid is on hand to help.

And again the world is weeping after Russia decided a war on Ukraine. According to the reports, many innocent people have lost their lives and some have even lost their homes till now. 

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Now Khalsa Aid has reached there and extended their helping hands to victims of wars. Founder Ravi Singh shared the clip on his official social media and wrote, “Ukraine: Guru Ka Langar on a train. These guys were fortunate to get on this train which is travelling east of Ukraine to the west ( towards the Polish border ) 

Hardeep Singh has been providing Langar and assistance to many students from different countries. He has been in touch with Khalsa Aid since the Russian army entered Ukraine ! What a great guy ! So good to see people in Chardi Kalan.”

Their humanitarian relief efforts for the Ukrainian people are being lauded by many people. Meanwhile, Khalsa Aid India has been active for the past eight years even aiding protesters during difficult times.

Be it setting up langars, (community meals), distributing ration kits and other essentials, the organization has lent a helping hand during unprecedented times. They are indeed doing a great job and the best part is that they ask for nothing in return. 

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Also, the Indian government is trying to vacate abandoned Indian students through the borders of Hungary and Poland.
Article Source : True Scoop News

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