Khalsa Aid Thanked Desi Addiction For Generous Contribution Through Merchandise Selling

Khalsa Aid is an international Non-governmental organization working for the aim to provide humanitarian aid in disaster victim areas and civil conflict zones around the world.

Currently the most challenging project for them is the ongoing Farmer Protest in India as Khalsa Aid started its work when the farmers started protesting against the farm bill in Punjab itself. Khalsa aid came forward to take care of the farmers in their tough times, they provided them Langar ( Food) distribution twice a day, and they are still distributing daily essentials like hygiene products, soaps, blankets and mattresses. They have distributed 10 trucks of blankets, about 15-20 trucks full of mattresses and also given about 7000 first-aid kits. People are appreciating their work from around the world. And if you too are willing to work with them, now is the opportunity anyone can shake hands with the Khalsa Aid. As few Instagram pages have took the initiative to donate amounts by selling hoodies, flags, posters, and stickers.

Recently, the Desi Addiction Instagram account shared the news on their page, where they wrote, “Kirat Karo, Naam Jappo, Wand Shako You all raised $11,270.76 for @khalsa_aid through the proceeds earned from hoodies, flags, posters, and stickers.

Hands down the best use of the DesiAddiction platform to date 🙏
None of this would have been possible without the countless number of hours put in by @experiencesikhi @akaurbrand @irustydesigns @humbleprints @bandhanna @pixelplusgraphics ✊
Shoutout to @chaninattan @bal_sandhu.ka & @jindisinghka for helping us set up this campaign 🙌
Thank you everyone for your donations!
#iamwithkhalsaaid #FarmersProtest 

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Recently, Khalsa Aid has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize by Canadian politicians, and they have received much love and support from people across the globe.

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