Kinne Aye Kinne Gye 3: Ranjit Bawa’s Announces The Hard-Hitting Third Sequel Of The Song

Ranjit Bawa is finally back with an all new track and it is none other than the most awaited, Kinne Aye Kinne Gye 3. The third installment of Ranjit Bawa and Lovely Noor’s song series about some hard-hitting facts of the world, has been announced by a social media post.

Just like the previous songs, the song has been penned by Lovely Noor while Ranjit Bawa has lent his vocals to it. The music has been produced by M.Vee. The music of the first part of the song was produced by Sukh Brar while M.Vee produced the second part. The song will be released on 3 June, 2022.

Kinne Aye Kinne Gye was released on 6 October 2020 and it instantly fetched the interest of the audience due to the kind of writing that Lovely Noor exhibited. In an era when gangster songs and songs about guns were becoming increasingly popular, Ranjit Bawa’s Kinne Aye Kinne Gye came off like an unexpected storm.

Due to the massive success of the first track, Ranjit and Lovely released the second part on 2 May, 2021, almost a year after the first one. Now, after another year, the explosive duo is yet again ready to surprise the audience with a third one.

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As understood from the poster of the song, it is going to be about the ‘1984 Ghallughara’. The Sikh community observes the remembrance of the incident every year in the first week of June and the song is also going to be released in the same days.

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