Kisaan Leaders Blamed Deep Sidhu For The Incident At Red Fort

We are all aware of the violence which took place amongst farmers and policemen in Delhi on Republic Day, as the social media and news channels have kept the issue hot. But recently it was noticed that Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu was blamed for all the violence by Kisaan leader Mr. Gurnam Chaduni. He says nobody was a part of Deep Sidhu’s plan and nobody even had an idea for all this.

Their rally was not scheduled for a route towards the Red Fort, where Deep Sidhu and his group reached and led to the unfortunate incident and violence. 

Mr. Gurnam Chaduni said, “We have been warning Deep Sidhu for days and we criticize his acts. Our protest is a complete ‘Farmers’ Protest’, which in no way is based on any religion.”

The complete statement of framers leader Mr. Gurnam Chaduni is available on out Instagram page and you can watch is by following the link below;

After this, a video also went viral on social media, which shows Deep Sidhu running away from people, as a group of people is trying to catch him.

As this incident gained attention all around, Deep Sidhu held a live session on his Facebook page, where he talked about his side of the story too.

In the live video, he said that he was only following the route of the rally. And he with his group were not only who reached Red Fort, as  the rally broke barricades at 4 points and reached there.

Earlier in the day today Farmer Leader Balbir Singh Rajewal blamed such elements for provoking the farmers, and cleared told that Deep Sidhu has roots in RSS hence he is to be blamed.

If we talk about the social media, we found people who are blaming Deep Sidhu for spoiling the rally, whereas there are other people also who are supporting and standing by him. 

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