Know The City Of Punjab Which Is Likely To Be Known As Architected In Valley Civilized Style

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Punjab is regarded as an amazing state because it has experienced a lot of fabulous experiences. In the following story, we are going to learn about the city of Punjab which is likely to be kenned as designed in Indus valley civilization style by the great architects.

This is not the acquaintance of many people that modernized-day Chandigarh ( the Capital of Punjab & Haryana ), was sketched by French designer and architect Le Corbusier, he also has a pre-historic antiquity. About 5000 years ago Chandigarh was home to the Harappan civilization. The stone implements, potsherds, ornaments, and copper-arrowhead encountered throughout the excavation took position in the 1950s and 1960s in Chandigarh. These things insinuate that the city was home to Harrapans.

The outlining and architecture of the beautiful city were invigorated by the Indus Valley Civilization. Sector 17 of the city is known as the Essence of Chandigarh. From the archaeological narratives we came to know that A Harappan site exists in the heart of the city under the sector 17 industrial complex and excavation work can be furthermore taken to uncover more details as the site was only 10-15 feet beneath.

Mr B.B Lal, famous archaeologist and Padma Bhushan awardee who was in Chandigarh to accompany a seminar on Harappan civilization evoked ” I had visited the site that came to light during construction of the showroom, in Chandigarh as the Director general of archaeological survey concerning India. It had induced out estimable details with precious artifacts. I still assume that the provincial government should have planned a basement to preserve it, which would have transformed that spot to a tourist attraction”.

Archaeologists also stated that ” Although all is not lost. More before-mentioned sites can be ascertained as the artifacts were discovered only 10-15 feet below the ground. Who recognizes that they could end up discovering the new facts concerning the civilization that endured between 2600-2200 BCE. I am amenable to offer any knowledge that Chandigarh’s administration may want on the issue.

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