Know The Story Behind The Viral “Sutti Uthi Aa” Meme, It’s Naughty, Read At Your Own Risk!

Everyone of you might have come across a meme or a funny post on “Sutti Uthi Aa”. Lately, the meme has gone viral and is all over the internet. Even a song has been released by the title. But what is the actual story behind this latest sensation in the meme community? What is its relation with Punjabi superstar Garry Sandhu? Read the article alone, if you don’t want your day to become a bad one!

The whole “Sutti Uthi Aa” sensation is actually the result of a 14-seconds long video. The video is something we would not advise you to look over on youtube (you got the hint?). It includes a lady speaking extremely vulgar language and the video is totally 18+ content. Children below 18 should not click the following link. To watch the video, click on the link to get redirected to the original video (Headphones are must) :

Doesn’t it make you curious how such a video made its way in the Punjabi music world? It’s connections are in link with none other than Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu. In his Snapchat story once, Garry Sandhu referred to the “Sutti Uthi Aa” meme. Garry’s fans became curious about what Garry is referring to, and this way, people came to know about the “Sutti Uthi Aa” meme. The meme was already famous but Garry made people mad about it. G Khan, Garry Sandhu’s close friend, has also mentioned the meme many times in his Instagram live. We all know what a full-of-life guy Sharry Maan is? He gave a true depiction of it, in one of his Facebook posts.

Can you answer Sharry’s question in the post on the basis of information supplied above? Sure you can! 

If this was not enough, an official song has also been released on this meme. “Sutti Uthi Aa” has been promoted from a meme to an official song. And the credit goes to singer Mohi. The song has garnered over 100k views on youtube.

We hope you have got to know the whole story behind this viral meme. Though the origin of the meme in itself is exceedingly vulgar, our team decided to not keep its readers in the dark, so we shed some light on the topic. How a 14 second video made its way into Garry’s story and then several other artists made it a viral meme and the meme ended up as an official song, the story is worth knowing!

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