Kokka Movie Review: Fresh Concept Is Good Try To Break Stereotypes But The Spark Is Missing

Kokka Movie Review
Star CastGurnam Bhullar, Neeru Bajwa, Rupinder Rupi, Gurpreet Bhangu, Baljinder Kaur and more.
DirectorSantosh Shubash Thite & Bhanu Thakur
Kiddaan Rating

Every Punjabi cinema fan was excited to witness the onscreen chemistry of Gurnam Bhullar and Neeru Bajwa in Kokka. The film was one of the most anticipated ones as the fresh casting of Neeru-Gurnam had made fans curious. The film is finally released and we have penned an honest Kokka movie review for you. Written by Rupinder Inderjit, and directed by Santosh Subhash Thite & Bhanu Thakur, the film is a good initiative to break stereotypes, with some ifs and buts. 


Initiating the Kokka Movie review with the most important aspect; the film’s story, we are sure you too are excited to watch it in theaters. As depicted in the trailer, Kokka is the story of a 40 YO woman’s love story with a man in his mid 20’s. 

While they fall in love with each other ignoring the age difference, the fairytale love story soon gets troubled by the entry of some new characters. And without revealing many surprises for you, let us tell you that the movie is not only about what the trailer had to reveal. There is a lot more, and in fact the real story begins at the point where the film’s trailer ends. 

Acting & Performances

Who could have doubted the skills of Pollywood queen Neeru Bajwa? She has proved her worth in various super hit movies. And on the other hand, Gurnam Bhullar is a name that’s growing phenomenally. Though both of these are two of the finest actors of the Punjabi Industry, in some sequences their chemistry is on point. Every time Neeru Bajwa says “Kutta Hai Tu” and Gurnam’s cute replies just make their chemistry interesting. But at some sequences the chemistry fails to create butterflies in stomach experience.

But still, when we talk about their performances individually, Neeru Bajwa rocked the role of a 40 YO woman, as her expression, dialogue delivery and everything were super convincing. We should also appreciate Neeru for the specific sequences where she portrayed the awkwardness, embarrassment, hopelessness and other feelings of an elderly unmarried woman. 

On the other side of the plate, Gurnam Bhullar too excelled in engaging us with his goofy and lovely performance in the shell of an immature young man. The way he gets into dilemmas and struggles to fight with his feelings was simply beautiful. 

But at some points, you might also feel that performances of the leads are going off-track. In some limited sequences, Gurnam seems extremely raw as an actor, and Neeru Bajwa too fled with emotions a little too much and made the scene look overacted.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast of the film included fine actors like Rupinder Rupi,Gurpreet Bhangu and Baljinder Kaur but we still cannot figure out what went wrong? They actually lacked the magic to add charm to the film. Even though they were given enough screen space, they failed to attract us and earn appreciation.

The only one among these who shined is Baljinder Kaur who played the mother of Gurnam Bhullar. Yes, we cannot reveal much about her character; hers is a pivotal role. But mark our words, that her character will last long in your memory. 


The music of any film plays an important role in shaping the overall looks and presentation of the project. And in Kokka Movie Review also, we are going to dedicate a special part to the film’s music. 

Starting with the background score which is given by Nilesh Dahanukar, it needed some serious help. It had nothing that could help us to connect to the story more. But Kokka’s music aspect has been saved by its playlist which includes 3 good songs. 

Raj Ranjodh’s Tu Te Main, Sukh Kharoud & Simar Kaur’s Darling and Mere Peera in Gurnam’s voice were three songs which have contributed to making Kokka’s playlist a decent one. 

Direction & Editing

Personally, we really felt that the concept of the film and its story were good. But if some more time was dedicated to its post-production, it could have turned the tables. 

The directors Santosh Subhash Thite & Bhanu Thakur have lacked in making the romantic film a wholesome watch experience. But it looks like Tarun Chauhan’s editing team has worked hard to make the project smooth and worth a watch.


As already mentioned, there were some flaws that affected the overall presentation of the film. If the film’s team was more focused and specific about what final product they needed, the film could have pushed them in the right direction. 

Little abruptions in its camera work, dubbing, music, direction, execution and performances have equally pulled the ranking in our Kokka Movie review. 


Keeping all the special moments, appreciations, team efforts and flaws, we can conclude that Kokka is a good one-time watch. You can surely enjoy the film with your friends and family. In this, you’ll get entertained with a conventional love story that tries to break stereotypes. 

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