Korean Singer, Kim Se-Yong, Can’t Resist Dancing To Tunak Tunak Tun Like All Of Us

Music knows no boundaries. You won’t understand a word of what you’re listening to and it can hit you hard with nostalgia, can make you cry, can make you laugh and obviously, can make you dance.

Tunak Tunak Tun is one such song that can make a dead man dance. The song’s beat is so irresistible that Korean actor, singer and rapper Kim Se-Yong couldn’t stop himself from making a Reel with his friends on the song.

The Korean singer can be seen vibing to the song with his friends, doing the traditional Tunak Tunak Tun dance. It’s so amazing to see how they are not able to understand a word of what Daler Mehndi is saying in the song, yet they are able to feel the music and vibe to it.

Music is such a powerful force, nobody has ever understood its magic. It keeps the world together, different people, different ethnicities, different cultures are joined by music. Music is for sure a proof, We all are alike, the world is one!

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