Krrish 4: Rakesh Roshan Expresses his Concern About Making the Film for THIS Reason

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Rakesh Roshan’s directorial Krrish 4 starring none other than Hrithik Roshan. Its previous part Krrish 3 was not that big of a hit as it received 5.3/10 rating from IMDb. 

Hrithik has been giving quite a few hints about the franchise’s fourth parth Krrish 4 but now Rakesh Roshan has revealed something which might be heartbreaking for the fans. 

Rakesh Roshan is concerned about making the film as he shared the news with an entertainment portal. The audience is still not going to theatres and is preferring to watch the films at home on OTT platforms. 

Children prefer to watch action films made in Hollywood and the budget of such films is huge like 500-600 million dollars. And the budget of Krrish 4 is around 200-300 crores. 

He also talked about the quality of VFX used in Hollywood films and how it is the best when compared to other film industries. It is almost impossible to match that with the given budget for Krrish 4. 

Even if he cuts down on the action sequences, the quality of the VFX must be at par. For this they need a huge cost to maintain such VFX quality which the makers are trying to balance out with the production cost. 

Rakesh Roshan shared with Pinkvilla, “It is going to happen, but not for a year. Probably after that”.

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