Kriti Sanon Takes Legal Action On Fake News About Her Promoting Trading On KWK 8

Recently Kriti Sanon won the National Award for her film ‘Mimi’. Kriti will now be seen with Janhvi Kapoor in ‘Koffee with Karan 8’. The season 8 has been brewing some interesting koffee and now Kriti and Janhvi will bless the couch with their witty answers and presence. 

There has been some news going around that Kriti has promoted some trading platforms on Karan Johar’s chat show. However, Kriti Sanon has told the truth on those news through posts on social media and has said that she has also taken legal action against such false news and reports.

Source: Navbharat Times

Kriti Sanon has written a long post on Instagram. She has written that ‘Many reports and articles have appeared in Koffee with Karan talking about me promoting some trading platforms. Kriti clarified that these articles and reports are completely false and derogatory. She said that she has not talked about any such thing regarding trading platforms in the show. She has taken legal action against such false news and has sent a legal notice against such false news.

Kriti has also requested everyone to be cautious of such false, fake reports. Apart from this, Kriti has made some more posts in which there are screenshots of some media reports in which these news have been termed as fake.

Source: NavbharatTimes
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