“Bhai Apni Wife Se Seekho”: KRK Reacts After Ranveer Singh Blocks Him On Twitter

Apart from Bollywood stars and filmmakers, one other name cinephiles have heard a lot about is Kamaal R Khan. KRK is a self-proclaimed film critic who is popularly known for criticizing Bollywood movies and songs. 

Recently, he released his review on Ranveer Singh’s latest film Jayeshbhai Jordaar. In his review he threw some really funny and displeasing remarks on the film. At points, he called Ranveer Singh a double-dholki, and bashed the film’s screenplay and story. 

And like many other actors, Ranveer too was frustrated with KRK’s review which forced him to block him on Twitter. Soon after Ranveer cut off his Twitter connection with KRK, the latter  shared some tweets reacting to the same. 

In the first tweet, he wrote about how Ranveer Singh was able to digest his criticism for 83, but couldn’t bear the Sadma when he reviewed Jayeshbhai Jordaar. Not only this, he also took a direct dig at Arjun Kapoor by writing, “I really respect Arjun Kapoor for the courage that he hasn’t blocked me till now and he is accepting to hear the truth.


And in a follow-up tweet, KRK also advised Ranveer Singh to learn things from his wife; Deepika Padukone as she has not blocked him yet. 


Netizens are now reacting to KRK’s tweets and comments in a different manner. There are some who are bashing him for his negative remarks, and on the other hand, his fans are supporting him for always coming up with honest reviews.

Talking about Ranveer Singh’s Jayeshbhai Jordaar, the film was released on 13 May and received a positive response from fans. But the film failed to do well at the box office due to tough competition. Its release clashed with the Punjabi movie Saunkan Saunkne, which is garnering appreciation and a great box-office collection worldwide.

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