‘If I Die, Public Must Remember..’: KRK’s Threat To Bollywood, Talks About SSR, Death & Health Condition

Kamaal Rashid Khan popularly known as KRK is a self-proclaimed movie critic and a Bollywood actor. He is popular for his negative and negative remarks about Bollywood movies and actors. But his recent tweets are making headlines for some different reasons. 

In his recent tweet, he talked about his death, health condition and also blamed Bollywood for all that. He, in fact, went on to mention late actor Sushant Singh Rajput also. 


He wrote, “I had lost my 20% memory in jail, where I was living without eating anything for 10days. According to my doctors, I can’t get it back but I can lose more in the future. If I die, then public must remember that first they did it with #SushantSinghRajput and now doing it with me.”

In another tweet, he also blamed Bollywood as the reason behind his decision to stop reviewing movies. He also mentioned his weak memory and more in the tweet that is now going viral. 

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“Many people are asking me that why I am not making more videos now? Because I don’t remember many things. I hardly remember my next line, when I am doing recording. Means some Bollywood people have succeeded to stop me. And This is the main reason, I have stopped reviews.”

KRK has been blaming Bollywood for his health condition and more for a long time now. Earlier also, he had shared some tweets after he was jailed for his derogatory tweets about late actors Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. 

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He had posted tweets and announced his retirement from film reviewing. In the tweet, he announced that he will soon quit doing movie reviews and Vikram Vedha will be the last Bollywood movie that he will review.


Not only this, but KRK also went on to blame Bollywood and its artists behind his decision. KRK thanked Bollywood for not accepting him as a film critic. 

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In the tweet, KRK wrote, “I quit” adding “#VikramVedha is the last film, I will review. Thank you all for trusting my reviews n making me the biggest critic in the history of Bollywood. Thanks to all the Bollywood ppl also for not accepting me as a critic but filing so many cases against me to stop my reviews.”

KRK is continuing to blame Bollywood for things and his fans are wishing for his recovery.

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