“Hath Jod Ke…”: Kulhad Pizza’s Sehaj Arora Appeals Public Over Private Video Incident

Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur aka ‘Kulhad Pizza Couple’ is the couple behind the popular Kulhad pizza, an unorthodox preparation of pizza which is served in kulhad. Both of them started their small business of serving kulhad pizza in Jalandhar which grabbed the attention of many foodies when a famous food blogger shared their video. 

Both of them initially ran their business from home but they soon switched to a small restaurant to cater the needs of all the foodies out there. A lot of popular faces of Punjabi industry like Upasana Singh and Neeru Bajwa have also visited the couple’s restaurant to try their unique preparation. 

However recently the couple has been grabbing a lot of attention because of the alleged leakage of a private video which has been creating a lot of mess on social media. In an unfortunate turn of events, an alleged sensitive video of the couple has been circulating on the internet and netizens are criticizing the duo for “cheap tactics”. 

Two days ago, Sehaj Arora took to his Instagram account and shared a reel in which he clarified about that video. He said that this video is completely fake and AI generated. Few days ago he received a message on Instagram in which the blackmailer blackmailed them for money otherwise he would make the video viral.

The duo also approached the police station regarding the same but soon got busy because of the birth of their son. 

Kulhad Pizza’s Sehaj Arora appeals for help and support

Today, Kulhad Pizza’s Sehaj Arora has taken to his official YouTube channel and appealed to the public to support and help them in their tough times. He shares that instead of happiness, their house is filled with sorrows. He isn’t even sure if they’ll be alive or not in the next few days. Sehaj also shows the screenshot of the blackmailer in which the girl asked for money and said if she doesn’t receive ₹20,000, she will send the videos to Karan Dutta. Karan Dutta is a Punjabi Youtuber popular for his roasting videos. 

Sehaj Arora also blames Karan Dutta for making the video viral and coming live on his account and criticizing the Kulhad Pizza couple. Sehaj also said that he is constantly targeting the couple (them) and he is the one behind the viral video. 

But after a few hours, Karan Dutta uploaded a video on his Youtube channel in reply to the accusations made by Sehaj Arora in the previously mentioned video.

Watch Karan Dutta’s Video Here: 

As per Sehaj, the couple is going through a lot right now. His wife Gurpreet Kaur who just gave birth to a baby boy isn’t eating anything because of this shock and her health is getting affected by this. 

Sehaj Arora urges people to not spread the video further as it is affecting their lives in the worst way possible and it is a d-ath like situation at their house. He also requests people to empathize with them as it can happen with anybody’s sister or daughter.

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