Kusha Kapila Announces Separation with Husband Zorawar; Netizens Trolled Her for This Reason

Kusha Kapila is a social media influencer and a digital content creator. She is famous for her videos as Billi Mausi and funny portrayal of South Delhi girls. Recently, on June 26, she took to her Instagram account and announced her separation with her husband Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. They both got married in the year 2017. 

On Instagram, she put up a post that read  “Zorawar and I have mutually decided to part ways. This hasn’t been an easy decision by any measure, but we know it’s the right one at this point in our lives. The love and life we have shared together continue to mean everything to us, but sadly, what we seek currently for ourselves doesn’t align. We gave it our all until we couldn’t anymore.”

Here is the instagram post-

She also wrote “A relationship ending is heartbreaking and it’s been a tough ordeal for us and our families. Thankfully, we have had some time to process this, but what we shared and built together panned for over a decade. We still need a lot more time and healing to get to the next phase of our lives. Our current focus is to get through this period with love, respect and support towards each other.”

She also shared a post that after spending major time in Delhi, she has now moved to Mumbai. While they did not give a proper reason for divorce, they just mentioned that they gave it their all but couldn’t anymore. 

After the divorce new,s netizens started looking for the reason of their divorce and dug out an old video of Kusha in which she was talking about sexual infedility with Karan Johar. Karan says “We have to exchange our numbers and remember I’m on WhatsApp all the time. So, don’t iMessage me just WhatsApp me. If you discuss any kind of problem you are having with Zorawar then call me.” Kusha replies, “I know he therapises people. I have watched enough Karan Johar content to know that he is everybody’s go-to relationship person.”

Then Karan makes a joke “I’m very good at giving relationship advices. The first relationship advice, I will say ‘breakup’. And remember sexual infidelity is not infidelity.”

To which Kusha agrees. After finding this interaction, netizens are bruttally trolling Kusha Kapila for saying this.

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