“Kyuke Waheguru Ne…”: Arjan Dhillon On The Fall Incident In Canada’s Show

A video of Arjan Dhillon stumbling in a live show is doing rounds over the social media and has become the reason for people’s discussion. When one of his followers asked him about the incident, the artist clarified and told how it happened! 

Arjan Dhillon and Nimrat Khaira are on the ‘Destiny Tour’ in different cities of Canada, currently. At their second location, Toronto, while performing for the audience, Arjan stumbled and almost fell down. His video of falling down on the stage surfaced all over social media. 


Recently, when the artist did a QnA session on Instagram, one of his curious fans asked about the viral fall incident and how it happened. To this Arjan replied that there was so much smoke on the stage and he couldn’t see the monitor (speaker) kept there which in turn made him fall. 

However, that was not a major fall and the people present around Arjan Dhillon in that show, managed to hold the artist back to his position. 

The Canada-tour of the artist is still ongoing and some cities are still left untouched. Arjan Dhillon and Nimrat Khaira, both announced their collaborative tour earlier this year and they are now covering the cities they promised to come and perform live shows. 

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