Laddi Cheema, Leading PR Expert, Talks About His Journey, Projects & Public Relations

Public Relations is a term which is popular inside any entertainment industry, but the people outside don’t know much about it. The job of any PR Company or agency is to ensure and keep a strict check on each and every detail of their client or the project they are associated with. The PR people not only know what to do next but also share an amazing bond with your favorite celebrities too. 

There is a lot to know about how PR actually works, and that’s why we had a wholesome conversation with Mr. Laddi Cheema, the founder and Public Relation Manager of Expert Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. In the interview, he disclosed many fine details of the PR industry and apart from this so much about their firm, which is now associated and is the reason behind the success of most of the Punjabi movies.  Read the article to know about the journey of Expert Entertainments Pvt. Ltd from Mr. Laddi Cheema, on how you can also be a part of the industry, and what all it takes to be a PR Manager. 

The common people don’t know much about Public Relations. What according to PR actually is in simple terms?

I believe PR is a way to advertise and promote a product that might be a celebrity, movie, song, project or anything to present it in front of the audience. We ensure the details about the release date and more are reaching the audience well on time, so that the fans don’t miss out any important details about their favorite celebs and the projects they have been waiting for.  

What’s the story behind the making of Expert Entertainments Pvt. Ltd? How was it made?

Now that’s an interesting story. I was working with a media company when I realized that there are various changes required in the industry. It required direction, lesser mess & chaos. And in one interview I met Nitika, then we usually met and used to discuss the industry. And it didn’t take too long to realize that it’s the time to step ahead and start working to become the solution to the industry’s loopholes. And that’s how and why we started Expert Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. Also, we believe it’s always a better idea to start your own business than working as an employee for some other company. 

Who are the people working in your company? And what apart from promoting projects, comes under your job?

We do not have a huge team working in our company, it’s basically me, Nitika and Kundan. I along with Nitika started the company and we three are managing everything together. And talking about what all falls under our job is managing artists, their interviews, music videos and movie promotions. We manage every source of promotion and advertisement to ensure that our clients get proper benefit and a larger mass to attract. It includes press conferences, interviews, hoardings, radio, television, digital, media, events and a lot more. 

How the plans for the promotion of an artist/project are made, divided and executed in your company?

Basically, I strongly believe that it also depends on our personal relations with the filmmakers and secondly producers approach us to join hands with them for better promotion of their content. Sometimes we connect with the project in the initial stage and there are times when we connect with the projects 15-20 days before its release as well. Then our team sends a proper plan to the makers, which is then followed by various meetings with the producers, director and artists as well. 

The artist can easily use their social media to connect with their fans & audience, then what makes PR stand out and apart?

I agree that information can be shared with the fans and audience easily through social media as well, but we make a plan about what and when things should be shared on social media to ensure better productivity and response from the masses. PR gives a better direction and path to all the information that is to be shared on social media. 

After starting with Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua, what are other movies you have been associated with, and more about your upcoming projects?

Yes, we initiated our journey with Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua, and we are glad to reveal that 90% of the movies which were released after Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua were managed by us. We cannot name all but Daana Paani, Chal Mera Putt, Chal Mera Putt 2, Qismat, Qismat 2, Puaada, Main Viyah Nahi Karona Tere Naal are some to name. And talking about the upcoming ones, “Babbar” is leading the sequence list as it’s releasing soon on 18th March.

And do the directors/producers consider and execute your feedback about the content of their projects? 

To be honest, yes there are some producers who really consider our feedback important and execute the suggestions that we offer. They talk to us about the betterment of their content so that it can get finer and more likely to be appreciated by the audience. But on the other hand, there are also such people who don’t like us giving our feedback. And sometimes they also filter us out too. I remember an incident when I gave an honest review about a movie to its producer and he then refused to work with us. 

Do you think working in an industry that’s too close to the entertainment world; affects your personal life in any way?

No, personally for me, my job has never affected my personal life. Yes, sometimes when I’m working straight for 15-20 days, I get exhausted but then whenever I get time, I take the route to my village and spend time there with my family. So, I will just say that it’s all about maintaining a good balance between your personal and professional life. 

What are the challenges a Public Relation Manager faces? 

Though I love my job, one thing about it that irritates me sometimes is various Youtube Channels and web portals wanting us to promote our projects/celebs through them. And sometimes such conversations also reach at some inappropriate levels as well. Like I remember talking to a person recently who threatened me by saying, ‘Saadi sarkaar aan de, fer tainu dassange’ (Let our government come in action, and then you’ll see’. 

(Laughing and jokingly) I’m glad that the Aam Aadmi Party won, as now I’m safe. 

Apart from all the hard work and struggles, we are sure there must be some perks of working in Public Relations?

(laughing) Of course, there are many perks! Apart from our professional work, we get to spend a lot of time with celebrities. Because we know them less as celebrities and more as friends, we know the real them and sometimes their secrets too. It’s our personal relations that we share such a special bond and respect each other’s company. 

There must be other PR Agencies also in the market. What according to you makes your company exceptional?

Yes, there are other agencies working in the market too. But everyone believes in the fact that they are the best. I consider myself as a company which is doing well, and I’d say the same for other companies too. We just aren’t doing many things that are out of the box because we aren’t allowed to do so. I’d like to mention Parindey, the company is way older than us in the market and is doing the best work. But I appreciate our relations with them. They call us and confirm if we are doing some event on a particular date, so that our dates do not clash with theirs. 

We believe PR Managers also play a key role in making sure the celebrities follow the ethics and ensure their clean image on social media and in public? What are your thoughts on this?

I believe the artists of Punjabi Industry are very sensible and they already know what comments they should make. Maximum Punjabi actors are far from controversies and that’s solely because of their sensible knowledge. It’s just a few singers who come up with statements that create controversies and hurt someone’s sentiments. 

But if an artist is dragged or gets into any controversy unfortunately and unintentionally, we serve the media with their official statement and ensure that nothing false is spread about them. 

Undoubtedly, you’re doing great in the PR industry, but was this your first dream profession? 

Uhmm, actually no, I always wanted to become a director. But obviously I belonged to a middle-class family, hence we didn’t have enough money that I could invest in projects. I assisted with some songs, worked with many directors. And when I tried to work solely as a director, the artists would say invest your own money and we will add your name in the credits. It surely broke my heart, and then I started the job. And from there the story repeats, I met Nikita, found loopholes and problems in the running of Industry and that’s how we built Expert Entertainments. 

What advice would you give to the people who look forward to marking their name in the Public Relation Industry?

I have not studied Public Relations, I started it out of my interest and started my research and study about it after I was already in the industry. So, I will really advise people to get proper education, learn about what PR is all about and then step in. Because their interest is important, but a proper study about a subject is always a bonus point.

The conversation with Mr. Laddi Cheema not only turned out to be really exciting, but extremely informative as well. He disclosed about his journey, why the Public Relation Industry is the right hand of the entertainment industry and how more people can become a part of it.

We are sure, reading this conversation has contributed to adding a lot more to your knowledge as well. 

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