Ladi Kangarh Requests Fans To Help A Young & Cute Vendor In Ludhiana

It’s always a good idea to help the needy and support the ones who are struggling to run their livelihood. We see various people who work hard to make a living in our day-to-day life. And one such case has been brought to our notice by Ladi Kangarh.

He recently shared about a very young vendor who sells socks in Ludhiana. Ladi took it to his Instagram account where she shared a video in conversation with the kid. He bought a pack of socks from him and offered him money. While he offered him 150 bucks, the innocent kid returned him 50 bucks immediately.

The video is doing rounds on social media, and fans are expressing their emotions in the comment section. In the Instagram post, Ladi requested his fans from Ludhiana to gather information about the Kid’s education. And wrote he is willing to get together with people to help the kid with best educational possible. He also appreciated him dedication and hardwork at such young age.

The post caught the attention of many netizens and Punjabi celebrities as well. On the post, Ammy Virk dropped a comment saying,

‘Krlo thaaaaa tikaaana pta laaadi’

The power of social media is really strong and we are sure the people will get in touch with the boy soon and help will be offered.

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