Lamborghini Compares The Car’s Safety To Nihang Singh In Historical Instagram Post

Lamborghini India shared a historical post on their Instagram account. With a Nihang Singh posing with a yellow Lamborghini Urus, the brand made the whole Sikh community proud. You can’t do anything but feel proud to see the yellow Italian bull standing at the doors of Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib, Delhi with Nihang Singh, all three a symbol of strength and safety.

The caption of the post was the actual show-stealer. Lamborghini is one of the most reputed and luxurious brands in the world. Owning a Lamborghini is in itself a statement of success. The brand used the Nihang Singh-Lamborghini relation to describe its cars’ safety. 

Nihang Singhs are a symbol of strength and peace. Whenever someone comes across Nihang Singh, they feel safe. And the same safety is felt while driving a luxurious motor vehicle. One does not think twice before trusting a Nihang Singh or a Lamborghini. The name in itself is a testimony and symbol of strength and safety.

The beautiful and historic shots were taken by The Turbanned Sikh, a renowned supercar photographer. It is a moment of utmost happiness to see the mighty Nihang Singh posing with the super vehicle. The brand is one of the biggest in the game and this is just a reason why. 

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