Land, Cash Or A$$, Public Can’t Figure Out What To Sell To Buy Karan Aujla’s High-Priced Hukam Clothing

An artist’s slogan or identity is what a fan can carry on himself to represent his admiration for the artist and its work. And the best way for that is to carry the outfits and other articles from their merchandise stock. 

Karan Aujla, too, recently launched his surprising merchandise which he named as ‘Hukam Clothing’. Almost a week ago he announced this property and since then the people and of course his fans were very excited for it to launch. But the moment it was inaugurated, people were stunned by seeing the pricy merch of him. 

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The starting price of a hoodie from ‘Hukam Clothing’ was approximately Rs 10,000 INR and that of a T-shirt worth Rs 3,700 INR approx. Seeing it the netizens couldn’t control their emotions and started giving their best comments in the form of memes and humorous replies. 

Hukam Store Official Website

Here is a thread of memes and comments to how people are reacting after seeing this extremely expensive clothing from the Hukam Store.

People used to plan to sell their kidneys for iPhones but now it feels like they are gonna do it for the outfits. 

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