Lanka Movie: Actress Sonia Maan Releases The Poster Of Her Upcoming Movie

2021 has made the Punjabi cinema fans extremely excited. With all the great titles coming up this year, 2021 is going to be a historical year in the industry. And the releases keep on building the list every day. The latest addition to the list is “Lanka”. The official poster of the Sonia Maan starrer dropped on Sunday.

The poster is already making everyone excited. The overall black theme of the poster is giving dark vibes, maybe a hint by the makers of the movie towards the concept of the movie. Sonia Maan, the lead actress in the movie, will be playing the role of Noori Sehgal.

Sonia Maan has also been a big supporter of the ongoing farmer’s protest in the country’s capital. She has been occasionally seen leading the stage, giving speeches, sharing posts and helping the protesting farmers at Delhi.

The farmers’ protest can be closely linked to people’s sentiments in Punjab, it may also have a role to play in the success of the movie. Anyways, the movie poster looks awesome, and the audience are expecting Sonia Maan to give her always-great performance.

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