‘Art Field Not Politics’: Lehmberginni’s Director Replies To Medal Team For Defamation & Allegations

The Punjabi Film Industry has been the talk of the town for its controversies and clashes between various parties. And this time it is about two movies. The Punjabi Cinema has recently released two of its highly awaited movies in theaters which are currently garnering appreciation from the audience. Yes, we are talking about Lehmberginni and the Medal. And it looks like the makers of the two movies are having a cold war and clashing with each other. Earlier, the team of Medal had targeted Lehmberginni and its makers for delay in its release. And now, Ishaan Chopra from the team of Lehmberginni has stepped ahead to give back a befitting reply to the Medal team. 

While Lehmberginni stars Ranjit Bawa and Mahira Sharma in the leading roles, Jayy Randhawa and Baani Sandhu are the leading cast of Medal. Earlier the two films were scheduled to clash with each other as both were scheduled to hit the silver screens on 2 June 2023. But due to the delays, Medal’s release date was pushed to 3 June. 

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The sudden shift in the film’s release probably did not go well with the team of Medal and they took their thoughts about the same to social media. Jayy Randhawa in one of his Instagram live videos expressed his disappointment against the censor board and also went on to blame the movie ‘Lehmberginni’ as a reason behind Medal’s postponement. 

And now, Ishaan Chopra, the director of Lehmberginni has also entered the battleground and released a reply to the team of Medal. He has addressed the defamation and also all the allegations put forth by Medal’s team. 

Ishaan took it to his Instagram account and shared a note on his story. He wrote, ‘The film’s team should abide by the decision of the Censor Board as it is a respected association.’ 

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He even went on to reveal that the delay in Medal’s release was due to the edits required in the film as per the directions of the censor board. He also mentioned that he is disappointed to see the film’s team is targeting Lehmberginni all around. Taking a dig at the Medal team’s allegations, Ishaan said, ‘It is an artistic work and not any political field’. 

'Art Field Not Politics': Lehmberginni's Director Replies To Medal Team For Defamation & Allegations
Source: 5Dariya News

Till now, no one from the team of Medal has reacted to the statement by Ishaan Chopra. Talking about the release of two films, both Lehmberginni and Medal have successfully been released in cinema halls. The fans are enjoying the movies and the public reviews of both are out on the internet.

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