Lekh Movie Review: Carry A Box Of Tissues To Experience A Tale Of Love And Heart Warming Emotions

StarcastGurnam Bhullar, Tania, Kaka Kautki and more.
DirectorManvir Brar
WriterJagdeep Sidhu
Kiddaan Rating

Not only us, but everyone in our circle and around was eagerly waiting for the release of Lekh. And now with swollen eyes and a heavy heart, we are writing the movie’s honest review for you. We hope the before-mentioned sentence is already enough to describe the after effects of the film, but apart from emotions, there is a lot more about it that we wish to tell you. Beginning it with the starcast, Lekh stars Gurnam Bhullar and Tania in the leading role, and Kaka Kautki in a pivotal and heartwarming role. 

As encoded in the trailer and the pre-released songs, Gurnam and Tania are the leads who are schooltime lovers, who are separated, and their destiny makes them meet once again. And what happens next and the story of their flashback is all what completes the plot of the film. We are definitely going to praise this and appreciate all the little beautiful moments, but the question remains- what to begin it with? Let’s start with the acting skills of the actors, we don’t even need a second thought to conclude that Gurnam Bhullar is the star of the film. He deserves a special mention for his acting skills and the fact that he’s proved to be a brilliant actor. Believe it or not, but there are two types of people who act in Punjabi Movies, one are the celebrities and the others are actors, and Gurnam Bhullar undeniably falls in the second category, the actor. He is so brilliant in what’s assigned and directed to him that by the time the film will end, you’ll fall in love with him end number of times.

On the other hand, talking about Tania, she too did a good job and ensured her performance is liked by fans. Mentioning about the transformation perspective of the film, keeping the acting skills, body language and the looks as basis, Gurnam seems super convincing as a school going kid. And on the other hand, the second phase of the film shows Gurnam as a helpless, lonely man with no hopes, he justified it with utmost brilliance as well. Tania surely looks super adorable and cute, but it seemed like that her look almost remained unchanged throughout the film. Also, as we already mentioned, apart from Gurnam and Tania, Kaka Kautki is the man who played a pivotal and impactful role. He played the father of Gurnam Bhullar and believe us every time he’ll be on screen, he makes the audience’s heart heavy. Watching him smiling and laughing on the silver screen made it difficult for us to remember the fact that he is no more with us, and his place in the industry will remain unfilled forever. And, we cannot afford to not mention the extremely beautiful father-son bond portrayed by Kaka Kautki and Gurnam Bhullar. 

Undoubtedly the actors, and the story line of the film are two major reasons which have already made the movie a must watch in our review. But it’s not all, there is more that we have for you. After actors, plot and the characters, here comes the grand mention of the spine of the movie; the writer and the director. Jagdeep Sidhu has dedicated his pen to write this utterly beautiful story, while Manvir Brar has marked his directorial debut with Lekh. It’s not the story that’s grand or something very unique, in fact it’s a simple story which includes extraordinary emotions and little beautiful moments. It’s a cute love story that puts no stress on your mind but makes your heart feel heavier. So basically, the way it’s written and directed is all what makes this a blissful experience to watch on screen. 

When we are reviewing a film, there is no doubt that a part of our ears and heart is always dedicated to reviewing the film’s music & playlist. So for Lekh, Jaani and B Praak were the men who have sailed the musical boat of Lekh to the bottom of our hearts. From the lyrics to the composition and the background score of the movie, Lekh deserves a 5/5 for its music. And also the placement of songs in the plot was also noticeably impressive. 

We have praised the movie so much but had to deduct half a star from its rating because there were some minor points which disappointed us. And the major reason behind this is nothing else than the supporting cast. If we had to describe the performance of the supporting cast, we’d say, ‘The supporting cast of the movie was actually not at all supportive to the plot and leads’. Also, you should know that the story of Lekh seems a bit inspired from the Tamil superhit movie 96, released in 2018, but the way it’s webbed to impress the Punjabi fans deserves an applause for sure. So we can say that if you liked 96, you’re going to love Lekh as well. Otherwise also, it remains a must watch and we consider it as one of the most beautiful love stories ever filmed in the Punjabi Film Industry. Lekh is not only a must watch, but truly deserved to be in your watchlist. And the three stars who shined the brightest in the film are Gurnam Bhullar, Jagdeep Sidhu and Manveer Brar. 

PS: We can’t reveal but you need to watch the movie to witness the guest appearance of another superstar actor of the Punjabi Industry.

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