‘Libaas’ Fame Kaka Ji Spills The Bean On His Participation In Bigg Boss.

India’s biggest television reality show Bigg Boss has two types of audience, one who loves watching the show and other who hates the show and pass judgements about it. And there’s one name added to the hatter’s list, that is punjabi singer Kaka Ji.

When asked whether he got a call for Bigg Boss or not, he said, it depends on the situation as it is very difficult to give our three months to something. He even revealed that due to time boundation he has rejected a movie offer. But when talking about Bigg Boss, He said, “I think Bogg Boss is not my kind of show but if I ever participate there, I will definitely be eliminated in the first eviction.” 

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As one has to argue, fight and scream at each other. The one who fights a lot will stay till the end, but he doesn’t have such a personality. If someone will give me a novel or something to read then he might stay. But if going for just fighting, then it’s not his cup of tea. 

I love to stay alone and be in an isolated world. But obviously not Bigg Boss as “They create such a negative environment and force a person to be in a controversy which I don’t want for myself.”

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His down to earth nature and pleasing personality has won our hearts. With a great voice, Kaka has a pure heart too!

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