List Of Companies That Have Stopped Their Operations In Russia After Its Invasion On Ukraine

The world hasn’t seen a peaceful minute since the day Russian President Vladimir Putin all of a sudden decided to invade its neighboring nation, Ukraine. While the war is still going on, the Russian President has received wide criticism from all over the world for his move.

On one hand, where countries are imposing sanctions on Russia, many multinational companies have stopped their operations in the country. Here is a list

1. Apple

The most valuable brand in the world, Apple also announced that it would stop the sale of all iphones and other Apple products in Russia after Ukraine’s Vice PM Mykhailo Fedorov wrote to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook.

2. Volvo

One of the most reputed automakers in the world, Sweden’s Volvo Cars has decided to suspend its car shipments to Russia until further notice.

3. Honda

Honda Motors has also suspended the export of automobiles and motorcycles to Russia.

4. Harley-Davidson

The top motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson also suspended all of its business and its bike shipments to Russia

5. Disney, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures

Top Hollywood Studios, Disney, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures, all announced that they would pause all their upcoming releases in Russia

6. Adidas

The Germany-based Sportswear brand, Adidas also suspended its partnership with the Russian football union

7. Nike

Another top sportswear brand, Nike has also made its merchandise purchases through its website and app completely unavailable in the country

8. Google

Alphabet’s Google has also removed all the mobile phone applications connected to Russian broadcasters RT and Sputnik from its Play Store. 

9. Dell

Tech giant Dell Technologies has also stopped all of its product sales in Russia

10. Microsoft

Another American technology giant, Microsoft also announced removal of all state owned RT’s mobile apps from the Windows Apps store and also ban advertisements on Russian media.

11. Ericsson

Swedish telecom company, Ericsson has also decided to suspend all of its deliveries to Russia because it poses a probable threat of the effects of sanctions on its business there

12. Nokia

The Finnish telecommunication, information technology giant, Nokia has also suspended all deliveries to Russia to imply with the sanctions

13. General Motors

One of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, the American corporation, General Motors has also suspended all vehicle exports to Russia until further notice.

14. Ford Motors

Another reputed brand of the automobile industry, Ford Motors also suspended its joint venture partnership with Sollers with immediate effect, until further notice

15. BMW

Germany’s Luxury automotive brand, BMW has stopped the export of its vehicles and production in Russia

16. Jaguar, Aston Martin & Land Rover

All the luxury automobile brands have stopped shipment of all their vehicles in Russia

17. Mazda

Another Japanese brand, automotive corporation, Mazda has suspended the export of auto parts to its plant in Russia, Nikkei

18. Boeing

After automotive brands, US aircraft manufacturer Boeing also suspended parts, maintenance and technical support for Russian airlines

These are some of the notable brands that have suspended their services, sales, partnerships or access in Russia. Many of them are American corporate giants. There are many other prominent players of the market that are planning on taking actions on their position in Russia. Future will predict what effects will the actions of these companies have on Russia’s overall economical structure and growth.

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