LOUD Review: Ranjit Bawa Knows The Trick To Get You On The Dancing Floors

LOUD Review: Ranjit Bawa Knows The Trick To Get You On The Dancing Floors

Song: LOUD
Singer: Ranjit Bawa
Lyricist: Bunty Bains

Ranjit Bawa has released his awaited and latest song Loud under the label of Speed Records. The lyrics of this latest song are penned by Bunty Bains, while Dense has mixed and mastered it. And the video of the song is directed by Teji Sandhu. 

Now, talking about the aftereffects of the song, after looking at the comment section under the official video of the song, it was made clear that the fans are really enjoying the song and were really waiting for it to release. And as the name suggests, the song is a loud song prepared with scoops of love in lyrics. If you’re in love or are a danceaholic, the song is going to entertain you in either ways. 

Do we really need to talk about Ranjit Bawa? We can never doubt his skills. This time also, Ranjit has succeeded in impressing the fans. And the lyrics of Bunty Bains also deserves applause because the lyrics will play the most important role in keeping the fans hooked to it. But what impressed us the most is the video of the song, which features Aveera Singh Masson. The music video of the song is really the combination of 3Cs i.e. Cool, Colourful & Cheerful. Watching it will give you happy and fresh vibes which will cheer up your mood for sure.

The song is surely going to be the favourite party starter for the youngsters because we already cannot wait for a party so that we can groove on this song with our friends. 

If you haven’t listened to the song already, check out the link below,

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