Pizza Worth ₹10 Lakh!! Why Is This So Expensive? Here’s The Reason

Everyone likes Pizza, right? Even though it’s just a thick bread with a topping of vegetables & sometimes pieces of meat, when one takes a bite, ummmm!! it feels like heaven until you see the bill.

Pizzas are one of the most expensive food items we come across in our daily life. But if we ask you a simple question, how much do you imagine a pizza can cost? 1000 rupees? 2000? Okay maximum 10,000 rupees…that’s huge!! right? But what if we tell you that there’s a pizza in the world that costs around ₹10 lakh.

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Shocked?? So were we when we got to know about this. Just a pizza and ₹10 lakh, why? What makes it so expensive? Read the full story to know the reason behind the huge price tag of this Pizza.

‘Louis XIII’ is touted as the most expensive pizza in the world till date that cost $12,000. This most expensive pizza in the world can be found in Salerno, Italy and it is the creation of Chef Renato Viola for a selective elite crowd. According to Renato Viola, what makes Louis XIII so expensive is its ingredients and service.

With a size of 20 cm, enough for two, the creation of the dough itself takes 72 hours, letting it rest a long time before being cooked. Once the dough is made, the rest of the pizza is prepared on the spot.

Its ingredients are certainly exquisite– an expensive flower used, certified as organic Aiab, a pink color salt that comes from the Murray River in Australia to add more flavor & much more.

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The Renato Viola chef uses three types of caviar on top of this expensive pizza: Oscietra Royal Prestige, Kaspia Oscietra Royal Classic from the Iranian coast and Kaspia Beluga, all of them very rare and expensive. Not only this, the lobster is brought from Norway and there is also a rare buffalo mozzarella on the pizza along with seven other types of cheese.

Well, you can’t eat this pizza with a regular drink, you get Champagne Krug Clos du Mesnil 1995 to enhance the fish taste, Cardenal Mendoza Carta Real Sanches Romate Finos brandy to make it unique and the last liquor is the Louis XIII Remy Martin cognac, which is the highest quality cognac on the market and the one that gives the name of the entire dish.

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The service is also included in the price, which comes in a set of dishes and cutlery from an exclusive limited edition and the elite pizza is served at your home. Chef Renato Viola himself comes with another chef and a sommelier to the customer’s house to prepare the pizza, so they don’t even have to go to a restaurant.

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