When Sargun Landed In A Tough Situation & Amrinder Gill Asked If She Has A Life Insurance Or Not

No one can argue against the fact that Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta are not only the two finest actors in the Punjabi Film Industry but they also make the most amazing on-screen pair. We have got a chance to witness their beautiful chemistry in movies like Angrej, Love Punjab and Lahoriye which were absolutely loved by fans. 

But do you know there was a time when Sargun had landed in a really tough situation and Amrinder Gill was also with her? In fact, Amrinder Gill had even asked her if she had life insurance or not. 


After reading about Amrinder Gill’s ‘life insurance’ comments, you must have realized how frightening the situation must have been. And to elaborate it more, let us reveal it happened during the shooting of a film.

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Sargun was not alone when the incident took place. She was surrounded by Amrinder Gill, more actors and many people from the film’s crew. Then how come Sargun was the only one who was struggling to deal with a tough situation?

Actually, this tale is from the shooting of Love Punjab. The film was based on a couple who was considering getting separated. It was a beautiful film which highlighted Punjab’s heritage and rich culture along with family values in it.


Now let us come back to the incident which was a problem for Sargun but has become a funny scoop today. So basically, it was during the shooting of the climax scene of Love Punjab. In the scene, Sargun was seen wearing a beautiful gown which was eventually sleeveless. The sequence of film was shot in Canada in the month of December. One can easily imagine how freezing cold it must have been there while the team was shooting the film.

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While all others were completely covered, Sargun was roaming around in the sleeveless gown. And since Sargun was shivering, Amrinder Gill jokingly asked her if she had life insurance or not. And he kept teasing her during the shoot. 

Sargun also revealed that she had to stay in the bathtub with hot water for almost 2 hours because this was the amount of time her body took to defrost.

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