Lover Movie Review: A Musical Treat With An Average Story But Commendable Performances

StarcastGuri, Raj Dhaliwal, Avtar Gill, Ronak Joshi, Yashpal Sharma and more
DirectorsDilsher Singh, Khushpal Singh
Kiddaan Rating

Guri’s much talked film about a young age couple movie, “Lover” is finally out in the theaters. The film is directed by director duo ‘The Trumakers’ – Dilsher Singh and Khushpal Singh. The movie is produced by KV Dhillon, Parvar Nishan Singh & GeetMp3 and is written by Taj. The movie is all about the story of a hardcore young age lover who is willing to do anything for his love. So if you are planning to watch the whole love story of Lally and Heer, here’s our Lover movie review to help you out. 

This Lover movie review will provide you a spoiler free insight of the movie. The film also has a brilliant cast that includes Guri & Ronak Joshi in lead roles while Yashpal Sharma, Karan Sandhawalia, Avtar Gill, Rupinder Rupi, Harsimran Oberoi & many others in the supporting roles. Let’s have a look at the points where the movie rocks & where it lacks!

Story & Screenplay

From the trailer it was already clear that the plot of the movie will revolve around the character of Lally (Guri) who is madly in love with his schoolmate Heer (Ronak Joshi) for the last 4 years. Heer & Lally begin to love each other after some drama. But then comes the twist! The couple is separated leaving Guri to become a heartbroken lover. The story is written loosely and also turns predictable at many phases.

The first half of the movie seems too slow. Events could have been trimmed or paced up. Some scenes were unnecessarily added & ended up increasing the length of the movie. However some scenes will click your emotions if you were in love during your teenage years. The second half of the movie began on a positive note, the ‘Shayrana Andaaz’ of Lally, a heartbroken lover will definitely gain your sympathy. There are some good and unpredictable events that happened in the movie that were completely hidden from the trailer

Overall, the story wasn’t the best part of the movie, however in the ending you might get confused between two outcomes, but it wasn’t something new and unique that the filmmakers were talking about.

Characters & Performances

Guri has been quite good in the lead role as Lally. He has brilliantly portrayed the role of a teenage lover and  a heartbroken lover who does shayari too. However, at few places he seems to lack in delivering the best of his potential but overall he justified his character.

Now let’s talk about the lead actress, Ronak Joshi who played Heer on screen. Ronak is probably the Punjabi actress with the cutest smile in the industry right now. The innocence she poured in the character of Heer with her looks is mesmerizing. But if we talk about performance, she failed at many places to deliver the best, still she will force you to love the character of Heer, and that’s what we all want, we guess.

The character that you will enjoy the most is Gopi a.k.a Karan Sandhawalia, the best friend of Lally. You might have seen him hitting comic punches in Yaar Jigri Kasuti Degree. This time, he again nailed his small but effective role. But the shocking part is, despite performing so well, he was included in the first half of the movie only. Filmmakers definitely missed a golden trick by not giving him more screen time.

If we talk about the main villain, Chacha ji aka Dilawar played by Yashpal Sharma, who is a gangster & uncle of Heer in the film. Yashpal is undoubtedly one of the finest actors in India, who have delivered many outstanding performances in the past but this wasn’t his best, he has portrayed the character well but his character wasn’t written as per the demand of the story.

The supporting cast is always the most important aspect for a movie to do better. In this movie, all supporting actors have played their part well.


The dialogues were quite average and could have been written well. In the first half of the movie, the dialogues were getting very creepy sometimes. However, in the second half the dialogues were written beautifully for those scenes when Guri turns into a heartbroken shayar. But overall you’ll always feel the dialogues are way too average while watching this movie.

Direction & Writing

The director duo ‘The Trumakers’- Dilsher Singh and Khushdil Singh, who has directed movies like Shooter (2020), Moosa Jatt (2021) & many punjabi songs, have directed “Lover” movie. The direction was good overall, but could have been better at managing the length & screenplay of the movie. They could have managed the potential of the film’s star cast better. However, with an average storyline, they have done a good job if we eliminate some of the flaws.

The story was the main villain for this movie, the characters could have been written well. The events were written way too average and nothing feels unique about the movie. Definitely if the writing had been done better, the film could have been one of the best in recent years.


The best part of the movie was its songs & background score. The songs like Rangreja & Sajna Tere Bina enhanced the level of the movie to another extent. The title track ‘Lover’ by Sachet Tandon had already become a hit before the release. The singers like Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Nooran Sisters, Sachet Tandon, Jass Manak & Asees Kaur and the crew behind music Sharry Nexus, Sniper & Rajat Nagpal, all have done a tremendous job to entertain the audience.


If we keep the flaws aside,”Lover” movie is definitely a good watch. However things could have been better in the movie. Kiddaan rates Lover movie 3 stars out of 5. The deductions in stars are mainly due to the slow screenplay, ordinary & predictable story and some average performances. Meanwhile the songs are the highlight of the movie and Guri’s performance definitely deserves your view.

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