Ludhiana’s Street Vendor Sells Expensive ‘Gold Burger’; The Cost Will Empty Your Pocket

We all have heard about Gold Tea, Gold Biryani but never about Gold Burger. But to make you familiar with the term, a street vendor in Ludhiana running a stall by the name of ‘Baba Ji Burger Wale’ is selling an expensive vegetarian burger that is smothered in gold. Yes, you read that right! If you are a food lover then this could potentially be your next try.

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This street vendor is here to amaze you with his abundant veg burger smothered in gold. A video is surfacing all over the social media especially on YouTube showing Baba Ji Burger Wale’s special burger that might make you drool too. 

The clip, shared by food blogger channel ‘Sahi Hai’, shows the shop owner named Baba Ji making the burger. The video shows the entire process of making the burger. He starts with frying the burger buns in dollops of butter and adds veggies and sauces to them. And we really want you to not miss the funny names of the sauces. He then goes on to add deep fried capsicums, a large paneer patty and dry fruits to the massive burger. For the finishing touch, he adds sheets of gold foil to the burger. The ‘Veg Gold’ burger costs ₹1000, and it‘s proven that it has a reason for this.

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But wait! it’s not over. If you find it a high price then there’s a way to get it for free. All you need to do is to finish the burger in 5 minutes, you get your Burger for FREE! 

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