Lyricist of ‘Teri Mitti’ Manoj Muntashir Denies Plagiarism Of Song Says, ‘If It Is True I Will Quit Writing’

Lyricist of ‘Teri Mitti’ Manoj Muntashir Denies Plagiarism Of Song Says, ‘If It Is True I Will Quit Writing’

Indian movies have been known for their songs, but not every track leaves an impression that stays on for long. One such song from the past few years has been Teri Mitti from the movie Kesari. But recently social media is flaming with allegations that lyricist Manoj Muntashir plagiarised the song ‘Teri Mitti’ from Akshay Kumar’s film Kesari from a Pakistani folk song.

Earlier this year, a video had gone viral on the internet in which a folk singer is seen singing his melodious performance of the song. It was contended that the singer belongs to Balochistan which is one of four provinces of Pakistan. Now, there have been allegations that Manoj has copied the song from a 2005 song from Pakistan.

Reacting to the allegations, Manoj Muntashir denied and said that he would quit writing if the allegations were true. The lyricist told new portals, “Those making these allegations should kindly check the video which has been uploaded many months after the release of our film, ‘Kesari’. And for your kind information the singer is not Pakistani but our very own Indian folk singer Geeta Rabari. You can call and check with her, too.

He added, “Geetaji has always appreciated my work and you can even ask her.” “If it is proved that Teri Mitti is a copy of any song whatsoever, I will quit writing forever,” he concluded.

When asked the lyricist Muntashir about the reason why suddenly so many claims have formed against him and he said, “People are attacking me because of the video I made on the Mughals where I have used strong words against them, referring to them as glorified dacoits.

Talking about the song, Teri Mitti was penned by Manoj Muntashir and composed by Arko. Singer B. Praak had lent his vocals to the song featuring Akshay Kumar. B Praak even won the National Award as Best Playback Singer for this track. The song has already crossed 3 billion views on YouTube.

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