Maa Punjabi Movie Review: Steller Performances & Gripping Second Half Save A Haywire Start

Maa Punjabi Movie Review
Maa Punjabi Movie Review
StarcastGippy Grewal, Divya Dutt, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Babbal Rai, Aarushi Sharma, Prince Kanwaljeet, Raghveer Boli and more.
DirectorBaljit Singh Deo
Kiddaan Rating

The much-awaited Punjabi film Maa is finally in the theaters and it is power-packed with some phenomenal performances. The film stars Divya Dutta in the lead role, with Babbal Rai, Gippy Grewal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Ashish Duggal, Raghveer Boli, Ashish Duggal, Vadda Grewal and other actors in pivotal roles. Let’s read the Maa Punjabi Movie Review.

The film overall is a mixture of some really beautiful, a social message, amazing actors and some disappointment also. Read this Maa Review before you book your tickets, so that you have a clear idea about what you’re going to watch.


The plot of Maa follows the storyline of Manjit Kaur (Divya Dutta) who simply is the iron-lady of the film. She is single mother to two kids (one of them is adopted), who faces tough times and manages to raise her kids well.

In the film, Manjit Kaur stands strong for her rights, is bold enough to ride tractors, work in farms and threaten people who wish bad for her family and land.

Jora (Gippy Grewal) and Taqdeer (Babbal Rai) are the two sons to Divya Dutta and Gupreet Ghuggi. Ashish Duggal and Vadda Grewal are the antagonists of the film who not only are bitter to Manjit Kaur but her sons as well. And how Manjit fights against them and all the evil they do, is exactly what makes the film complete.


In the Maa Punjabi Movie Review, mentioning about the performances of the film, without any second thoughts, we can conclude that Divya Dutta ruled the show. Apart from her, Gurpreet Ghuggi was another actor who stands out with all the glitter. His entry in the plot turned the tables, as before him it was all dull. We fell in love watching the innocent romance blooming between them, and how simply and naturally they played their parts. In fact, it won’t be wrong to write that only Divya-Gurpreet were the two hands who took all the weight of exaggerated and extremely disappointing first half of the film.

On the other hand, we are highly impressed with the acting of Ashish Duggal. He played the lead antagonist in the film, and nailed it. It is said that a hero cannot stand out as long as the villain is not powerful enough, and Vadda Grewal in this film justified it.

We also liked the little performances by Prince Kanwaljit, Raghveer Boli and Nirmal Rishi. Yes, they all were given limited screen timing, but it seemed like they were all prepped for rocking even then.

Nirmal Rishi, as usual, plays the eldest member of the family, who has witnessed the death of her husband and young son, and the pain in her expression speaks it all. Raghveer Boli on the other side played a naïve guy and won our hearts.

And not to forget, Rana Ranbir has actually impressed us in the negative role too.

Screenplay & Dialogues

In the Maa Punjabi Movie Review, we mentioned earlier also, the first half of the film was really disappointing. Not only it was extremely stretched and exaggerated, but also, we could not relate to it.

The film tries to build strong emotions, but too many efforts to do so lead to a major failure. In the first half of the interval, the makers tried to put stress on comparing how kids change when they grow up, they used too many sequences to show the same thing. Yes, it was heart-touching, but when you repeat it for endless times, it becomes irritating.

But to save the blunder, the second half of the film saves the boat. It’s well directed, has a vision, stays on track, and even has way better dialogues and scenes too.

All what disappoints in the first half changes after the interval, as the story finally picks its pace.

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Not going to lie, the background score of the film felt like we have time-travelled to 90s. Yes, it was that dramatic. But it was also saved by the playlist of the film.

Maa includes some of the really beautiful musical gems in the voice of Harbhajan Mann and Kamal Khan and more singers. The songs of the film are powerful enough to make your heart heavy and your eyes wet. And the song Bhabi was no less than a treat as it gave us a chance to watch Sardool Sikandar on screen.


Again, the film feels divided into two parts; the first half of the film failed to impress us, but the second half actually grabbed our attention. It had the perfect balance of emotions, story, drama and music.

All this makes us feel that director Baljit Singh Deo could have actually worked harder to give the story a better direction.


Overall, the Punjabi movie Maa is the story of a mother and turns out as an eye-opener for all of us as it ends with a beautiful social message. The film spreads lessons of spreading love, sympathy and most importantly respect for parents.

If you plan to watch this film with your parents, it can turn out to be a little too emotional experience. Watch the film for its social message, heart-melting performances of Divya Dutta and Gurpreet Ghuggi, and its emotional drama.

Maa Punjabi Movie Review

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