From Babbu Maan To Amrit Maan: The Legendary Maans Of The Punjabi Industry

From Babbu Maan To Amrit Maan: The Legendary Maans Of The Punjabi Industry

It is an undeniable fact that Punjabi Industry has grown to become one of the biggest music industries in the country. It surely wasn’t possible without the contribution of each and every artist. But, one name that seems to be common among the superstars of the industry, is undoubtedly ‘Maan’. 

Punjabi Industry has witnessed a number of ‘Maan’ singers. The name has been passed down to generations. We’ve seen legends of the same name while we are also currently witnessing the rise of the most talented singers of the same name. ‘Maan’ surely holds some hidden talent to the name itself!

Here Are The Maans Of The Punjabi Industry

1. Babbu Maan

babbu mann photo

Punjabi Industry is incomplete without mentioning this name. Babbu Maan has ruled over the hearts of the audience for decades and it is hard to find another artist who’s ever done this. There is hardly a Punjabi who’s never heard Pyaas, Saaun Di Jhadi, Ik C Pagal, Talaash and a million of other Babbu Maan’s memorable works.

2. Harbhajan Mann

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Another legend of the Punjabi Industry, Harbhajan Mann is a singer who owned an era. Be it for his movies or songs, the man has registered himself among the legends in both the fields. His films Jee Aayan Nu, Heer Ranjha, Jag Jeondeyan De Mele and many others defined an era of Punjabi cinema. On the other hand, his songs shaped the Punjabi Industry. 

3. Gurdas Mann

gurdas mann photo Maans Of The Punjabi Industry

One of the greatest performers Punjab has ever produced! Gurdas Mann is not only a legendary artist, but he’s the face of Punjabi Music all over the world. Be it performing at the Royal Albert Hall, London or being nominated for the Oscars, Gurdas Mann has the achievements to his name. He is a singer that’s loved by generations and undoubtedly a reason why many older generations are still connected to Punjabi music.

4. Sharry Mann

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The artist who gave Punjabi Music Industry albums like Aate Di Chiri, Yaar Anmulle and Meri Bebe, Sharry Mann is undoubtedly one of the most talented artists in the industry right now. It’s been more than a decade since Sharry Mann has been active in the industry and every year, he produces beautiful songs that take us back to our school, college, love, hostel and hometown memories. 

5. Amrit Maan

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Amrit Maan is another singer of the modern era, who’s defining the Punjabi Industry. Along with being an excellent singer, Amrit Maan is also a master lyricist. He’s written songs for artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Gippy Grewal, Ammy Virk, Jazzy B and many more. Every wedding, party or a drive is incomplete without Amrit Maan’s songs.

6. Korala Maan

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Korala Maan is yet another singer ruling over the modern Punjabi industry. Dismiss 141, Badnam Ishq, Bhai Log, Barood Dil, Musafir, Filmy Scene and many others, the list of superhits by Korala Maan would go on forever. He still has one of the brightest futures ahead!

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These are some of the ‘Maans’ who have defined the Punjabi film and music industry as we see it today. Be it young superstars or classical legends, the name Maan will always rule over the hearts of people as well as the Punjabi Industry.

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