Mahi V Raghav expresses gratitude for the super success of his crime thriller web series ‘Shaitan’

The entertainment industry has undergone a terrific transformation as binge-watching web series and shows on streaming platforms have become popular. Precisely, crime thrillers have captured the attention of millions of viewers globally. One such intense and compelling web series is Mahi V Raghav’s ‘Shaitan’. Filled with suspense, intricate plots, powerful characters and lots of violence, the web series explores the depths of human society with spine-chilling twists.

Streaming on Disney+ Hotstar, ‘Shaitan’ is a spellbinding show with frightful scenes. The brutal web series spans nine episodes and stays true to the show’s tagline – ‘What you call crime, they call it survival.’ Based in rural Telangana in the mid-1990s and 2000s, ‘Shaitan’ takes the crime genre a notch higher by showcasing bloodbaths in a raw and unfiltered manner. Thanks to the director’s vision he thought of making such a gruesome web series.

While ‘Shaitan’ streamed from June 15 onwards, it has already become the most-watched regional show in the OTT space. Revolving around the complexities of police brutality, the Naxal movement, and political dynamics, Mahi V Raghav has brought the best out of the show’s cast. As ‘Shaitan’ continues to woo the audience, the filmmaker is ecstatic with the overwhelming response.

Thanking the viewers, he said, “I express my gratitude to the viewers for showing unparalleled love to the show. Crime genres have always fascinated me, and I love to bring unexplored and untold stories to screens. I have read that many people had contrasting opinions about the violence showcased in the show. But the universal truth is that violence exists in human nature, and everyone wants to fight to attain power.”

The gripping show features Rishi, Shelly, Devyani, Jaffer Sadiq and Ravi Kale in pivotal roles. In a shocking turn of events, it is revealed how socio-political events lead to the rise and downfall of a criminal Bali and why his family chooses crime to survive in this cruel world. Before the show’s release, many people criticized the makers for including bold content and curse words. However, the audience has made ‘Shaitan’ one of the most superlative shows of the crime genre.

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