Main Te Bapu & Shooter Prepare To Clash At Box Office On 14 January 2022

It has become quite common for the Punjabi film industry to have movie clashes now. Earlier, when the industry did not have as many releases, there were few instances of clashes but in recent years, the audience has seen many movie clashes mainly due to the industry releasing much more movies than before.

Now, we are set to witness the first Punjabi movie clash of 2022 at the box office when Parmish Verma starrer ‘Main Te Bapu’ goes head-on with Jayy Randhawa starrer ‘Shooter’ on 14 January 2022.

Main Te Bapu’s shooting was affected by COVID and it even had to be halted for some time. However, the shooting again went on roll and the movie was finally ready. On 23 September it was announced that the movie will be released on 14 January 2022. It was set to be one of the first Punjabi films to be released in 2022.

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The story of the film Shooter is much more tragic and all of us know it. Though it did not suffer any major shooting problems due to COVID but destiny had worse things planned for it. It was banned by the Punjab Government for allegedly glorifying the life of a gangster! It took more than a year for the film to finally get the green light from the censor board and the government and get ready to be released in theatres.

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Soon, the release date of the film was announced after it was approved by the government. 14 January 2022 was chosen as the date for the release of the film and this resulted in the box office clash of the two films.

The audience is undoubtedly excited for both films. On one hand, they want to watch Shooter provided it is being released after a lot of trouble, and on the other, they’re also excited for Main Te Bapu as the film promises a great story and on-screen father-son bond presentation of Parmish Verma and Dr. Satish Verma.

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