Main Te Bapu Trailer Review: The Film Promises A Beautiful Cinematic Presentation Of Father-Son Bond

The trailer of the much awaited Main Te Bapu is finally out. It stars the real-life father-son duo Parmish Verma and Dr. Satish Verma and is set to present their on-screen chemistry for the first time ever. The trailer is the perfect insight of what we should expect from the film.

Main Te Bapu brings a romantic love story and a beautiful story of father-son bond on the same screen. Parmish Verma wishes to marry his love but it’s a movie! How can you expect that to happen without any obstacle? The obstacle is another love story, this time of Dr. Satish Verma’s character.

This leads to a heated relationship developing in the once lovely father-son bond. Parmish Verma’s acting in the trailer looks appealing and we’ll be looking forward to what he has to present in the whole movie. The storyline of a film is the soul of it and this one looks really promising!

Apart from Parmish Verma and Dr. Satish Verma’s acting, we’ll also be looking forward to Sanjeeda Shaikh in the film. Though she wasn’t given much screen space in the trailer, we have seen her delivering excellent performances in movies before. 

Not only does it give the audience a cinematic representation of the unique father-son bond, it also tries to normalize love and marriages at old ages. It is a topic that hasn’t been talked about much in the Punjabi Film Industry but is a serious one. 

At the end, Main Te Bapu looks like a promising film with a rather important issue, presented with light comedy and brilliant acting performances. It is surely going to be a watch out for film of 2022.

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