Majak Thodi Ae Intro Review : R Nait Is Here To Narrate The Story Of His Life

Majak Thodi Ae Intro Review : R Nait Is Here To Narrate The Story Of His Life

R-Nait is one artist of the industry everyone has their eyes on. His writing and unique voice has always kept fans excited about what the artist is going to bring out next. And when R-Nait announced that he was going to drop his album titled ‘Majak Thodi Ae’ this year, the audience could not be patient. 

And today finally, the star has dropped the official intro of the album. It dropped on R-Nait’s official youtube channel and has garnered over 180k views in just 3 hours. The intro is so well directed and has made one thing clear for the fans that R-Nait and his team is not taking this one lightly. They have put everything in the intro itself, we can’t even imagine what the full album is going to be!

Intro hints at the album being a life journey. The life story of the son of a daily-wage labourer who became one of the biggest superstars in the industry by pure hard work and talent. When you come from a financially poor background and rise to fame, people blame you for being too arrogant and if you fail, the taunts of people never stop. 

Such was the condition of R-Nait when he decided to take a chance in his life and do what his heart wanted, forgetting his destiny, forgetting the people’s taunts, forgetting what he would lose, what he would win, he went for it and today, finally achieved it!

This will be R-Nait’s second studio album, the debut being ‘Daaku’. The album is not going to be just a song collection, as the intro suggests. It is the life story of an artist, and when the artist is of R-Nait’s potential you cannot be disappointed. This year should officially be declared the ‘Punjabi Album Year’. Punjabi Music fans couldn’t have been happier with this year, there have been countless albums announced this year and many of them even released. And R-Nait’s album is surely going to be the cherry on the cake!

Watch the Official Intro here : 

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