“It Was Wonderful But Not Easy”: Malaika Arora Opens Up About Her Childhood & Parents’ Separation

Malaika Arora is counted among the most enchanting actors in the Bollywood Film Industry. Apart from her acting skills, she is also known for being a phenomenal dancer, and a popular social media influencer. But fans are now surprised to know that her life was not always like this. In a recent interview, she opened up about her early years and her parents’ separation.

While talking to Grazia India about how her life was when she was young, she expressed the impact of her parents’ separation on her. She revealed that she was only eleven years old when her parents; Anil Arora and Joyce Polycarp decided to part ways. 

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Then Malaika and her then six-year-old sister Amrita Arora shifted to Chembur with their mother. Malaika commenting on the same said, “My parents’ separation allowed me to observe my mother through a new and unique lens. I learned a rock-steady work ethic and the value of getting up each morning to do whatever it takes to become fiercely independent. Those early lessons are the cornerstones of my life and professional journey. I am still fiercely independent; I value my freedom and live life on my terms.”

And while remembering her childhood days she said that her childhood was indeed wonderful but it wasn’t easy. “In fact, in retrospect, the word I would use to describe it is tumultuous. But tough times teach you important lessons too”, said the actress. 

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Malaika herself is the mother of 19-year-old; Ahaan Khan whom she co-parents with ex-husband Arbaaz Khan. Moreover, the actress enjoys a massive fan following and is currently in limelight due to her wedding rumors with boyfriend Arjun Kapoor.

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