Malkeet Rauni Reveals His Experience With Sidhu Moosewala For Movie ‘Yes I Am Student’

Malkeet Rauni Reveals His Experience With Sidhu Moosewala For Movie ‘Yes I Am Student’

Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala who has recently made his name in Punjabi film industry with the film ‘Moosa Jatt’, is all set to win the hearts again with another film ‘Yes I Am Student’. The film, which is directed by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal, stars Sidhu Moosewala, Mandy Takhar, Malkeet Rauni and Jaggi Singh as the lead characters.

Veteran actor Malkeet Rauni who has worked in numerous films had first shared the screen with the singer. While promoting the film, Malkeet was asked several questions and one that caught our attention was about his experience with Sidhu Moosewala. Malkeet feels blessed to work with him and the experience both the artists share has won our hearts. As Malkeet says, unlike his songs, Sidhu is very polite, calm and grounded. He used to flex everything in his songs but speaking of his real life, Malkeet says he has a grounded nature and is very mature.

Not only this he said, like everyone else he also assumed that Sidhu is violent and would have attitude but when he met Sidhu in person, his perception went all wrong. He further added that the subject he has chosen for his first film, reflects his nature and personality as the movie ‘Yes I Am Student’ shows the struggles of international students living abroad. It consists of a theme that will resonate with every family in Punjab.

Malkeet concluded his answer and said that Sidhu is a family person and a great learner. He always wishes to stay under the shadow of his mother so that he always learns new things and goes down the wrong path, she should guide her.

Malkeet becomes a great fan of Sidhu and wishes to work with him in future too.

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