Man Finds Only 2 Chips In ₹5 Lay’s Packet; Here’s How The Netizens Reacted

Man Finds Only 2 Chips In ₹5 Lay's Packet; Here's How The Netizens Reacted

From time to time, we have seen people make fun of filling chip packets with air instead of chips. This has happened manier times that people have made jokes about how the chip companies fill in more air than the edible items.

Recently, such a bizarre case of this alleged imbalance came to light in an X post. A video has gone viral on X and caught the attention of many people online. 

It’s about a customer who found only two chips in his packet of Lay’s. In the clip, we can see that the man is opening a Rs 5 packet of Lay’s salty-flavored potato chips. Looking at the video, it seems that the person started recording to point out packaging issues with the product. 

However, he was shocked when he opened the packet only to see such a small quantity of chips. 

Man finds only 2 chips in the packet

A man named Divyanshu Kashyap filmed a video while opening the Rs 5 puffed packet of yellow lay’s. When he opened the packet he found that there were only 2 pieces of chips in the packet. Just two!

Divyanshu was shocked to see such customer service from Lay’s. Obviously one cannot expect a Rs 5 packet to be fully filled with the chips but to find only two chips is a little shocking and something which cannot be expected. 

On the other hand after the video went viral, the X users flooded the comment section with their views and mockery on the brand and how they don’t even expect a single piece of chips in the packet. 

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