Man Lights Up Black Snake Firecracker On Railway Track, Here’s How RPF Reacted

A video has gone viral on social media in which a youtuber was seen igniting a firecracker on the railway tracks near the Dantra Station at the Ajmer- Phulera section. The video shows the Youtuber lighting up the black snake firecracker on the railway tracks that resulted in lingered black smoke in the air. 

A man took the whole incident to his official X account and said that such incidents can have serious life consequences as it is very unsafe to light up any such firecrackers on the railway line. 

He wrote, “YouTuber bursting crackers on Railway Tracks!!

Such acts may lead to serious accidents in form of fire, Please take necessary action against such miscreants.

Location: 227/32 Near Dantra Station on Phulera-Ajmer Section”

After this, the North Western Railways replied to his post and asked the concerned authorities to take appropriate action. 

Indian Railways has always advised their social media users to be cautious while using the trains and not to indulge themselves in harmful acts as they may have adverse consequences. Under the Railway Act of 1989, capturing videos and selfies on the railway tracks or platforms is strictly prohibited. If found guilty, the person may face a fine upto ₹1000 and imprisonment upto six months.

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