Man Reported Missing Finally Found After 10 Years In Rajasthan, Was Being Treated Like A Slave

Man Reported Missing Finally Found After 10 Years In Rajasthan, Was Being Treated Like A Slave

An incident of utmost cruelty from Rajasthan has surfaced online. The story of a man kidnapped, the story of a man treated like a slave for 10 years, the story of the limit of inhumanity, the story that will make your soul shiver!

A man was being reported missing in 2011 and his family was on lookout for over a decade. Throughout this decade, from 2011 to 2021, what Kinder Singh went through will haunt you! He was being treated like a slave, worse than slave actually and was being used as a free worker for over 10 years. 

He was given only 2 pairs of clothes for a decade. He was physically and mentally tortured daily. Even his fingers were cut off, you can judge what physical pain and torture Kinder might have been through! He was barred from leaving the village. He was given only a single open spot on the ground to sleep during winters and summer. He was being treated like a worm for 19 years by these cruel masters of his!

All thanks to the collaborative social help provided by The Kaur Movement and Kaum De Rakhe. When The Kaur Movement got to know about the whereabouts of Kinder Singh, their team immediately rushed to Rajasthan to rescue him. Amritpal Singh Mehron reached Rajasthan with his team. Not only did he rescue Kinder from the hell he was being put in, he also asked his masters to pay him salary for his work. 

How can you expect even an inch of humanity from such devilish people. Though no money can fill the absolute loss of life, money, time, health and the loss his family suffered, still, Amritpal asked the masters to pay him the salary of 10 years. Defying all the shame in the world, they replied ‘What should we pay him for? We gave him food and shelter’. 

The positive news is that Kinder has finally been rescued from that hell and returned to his family. The family reunion will make you shed a tear. His daughter’s screams as he sees her father being treated with utmost cruelty are unwatchable!

Legal action has been initiated against the people who put Kinder in that place. We applaud Kaur Movement, Kaum De Rakhe and Amritpal Singh Mehron for their undeniably great social help. The help may have reached late, but the good thing is, it did!

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