Man Sharing Same Food With Bird Made Netizens Emotional. Watch The Viral Video

When we talk about pets and animals, our mind usually knocks on dogs and cats.  But have you ever wondered about birds? If not, then you must understand the fact that humans and birds share a very strong relationship. This selfless love is grown among pets and humans, and nothing is as beautiful and pure as this love. 

Recently, a video went viral on social media, where you can see a wonderful and sacred love between a man and a bird. 

In a video, you will see that a man is sitting in a food cafe eating from his plate, and there a bird comes and sits in front of his plate and starts eating the same food. Astonishing thing is that man hasn’t blown out the bird and shared his food with the lovely small creature.

Scroll down and watch the video here:

Meghraj Desale, an Instagrammer user shared this video and retrieved more than 3 million views.

After this heartening video went viral, netizens started honouring him for his kindness toward the bird.

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