All You Need To Know About The Manila Rope, Used To Hang The Most Infamous Criminals In India

Hanging till death is the most capital punishment by the Indian law, given to the perpetuators of some of the country’s most hineous and biggest crimes. Have you ever wondered what type of rope is used for hanging these criminals? If you have, here is the answer.

Criminals in India are hanged using a special type of rope, called ‘The Manila Rope’. The Buxar Central Jail in Bihar, is currently the only prison in the country that manufactures the famous Manila Rope. The prisoners of the Buxar Jail have been making these ropes since 1930.

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It is a wax-coated rope that is manufactured in a way that there is least friction and the knots tighten smoothly. After requisition, it takes over a fortnight to manufacture the special kind of ropes used for hanging criminals. The ideal length of the Manila Rope is considered to be 1.6 times from the height of the victim.

There is one machine at the Buxar Central Jail and 8 prisoners make the Manila Rope by using the twist and  torque technique. The Cotton Corporation of India at Bathinda, Punjab supplies the J-34 Cotton used for making this rope.

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Over the years, some of the country’s biggest criminals have been hanged to death using the Manila Rope. The four convicts of the Nirbhaya Rape Case 2012, were hanged in 2020 using the Manila Rope. Afzal Guru, the convict and the mastermind behind the 2001 attacks on the Indian Parliament, was also hanged using a special Manila Rope.

Yakub Menon, convicted for helping and executing the plan behind the infamous 1993 Mumbai Blasts, was also hanged using the same rope. Ajmal Kasab, the boy behind one of the biggest terrorist attacks in the Indian history, the attacks of 26/11, was also hanged using the Manila Rope.

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