Maninder Buttar Spills The Beans About His Marriage And Debut Movie

In the Punjabi entertainment world, we have seen a number of singers turn into actors. And this trend is so popular that now it has become a stereotype that every Punjabi singer will turn to acting sooner or later. However, there’s one Punjabi singer who doesn’t feel this way and it would seem like he had no intention of acting. But now, the speculations are turning wrong. He is none other than the ‘Sakhiyaan’ fame Maninder Buttar.

Singer Maninder Buttar who is gaining popularity with his songs, which are not only loved by Punjabi audiences but has pan India reach. He gave hints to his fans that he will soon be sharing the big screen.

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Maninder took Question/Answers round on his social media to interact with his fans, to which one of his fans asked about when he will be doing a movie. Maninder replied, ‘many movies and web series offers came but he rejected all of them. As his work is to create good songs and albums, and that is something that will give him contentment. He completed the message and disclosed that he has already penned his movie and with the blessing of god he will try his hands in acting with that film.”

Not only this, another fan asked about his relationship and marriage status, to which he hints that he will marry this year and it will be arranged. His parents want him to get married, which he fulfills soon as they are looking for a suitable match for the singer.

Now let’s see when will we see Maninder on the silver screen and how well will he showcase his skills. The lyrics of his songs are always commendable and the same we can expect from the script of his upcoming debut film. 

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