Mankirat Aulakh disappointed with Punjabi Media. Goes Live!

No doubt, Mankirat Aulakh is one of the most popular faces of Punjabi Industry, who has a huge fan following, especially amongst the youngsters. So, to connect with his fans and update them with what’s going in his life, he usually comes live on his Instagram Handel. Today also, in the morning he came live from his Instagram account and interacted with his fans, but also, he talked about a recent news story and expressed his disappointment towards Media.

He talked about the news stories going viral about his car which was bound by Punjab Police yesterday. He said, his cousin took his car out to Chandigarh, but forgot to take his license and documents of the car along with him. And later, when police stopped him and asked for the papers, he couldn’t show anything. And hence, he was imposed with a chalan and the car was bound, which Mankirat personally believe was pretty obvious.  But what he didn’t like was the reaction of media about this incident, and how they flooded the internet and filled their content with this not so important news.

This incident took place yesterday evening as on, 29th May, Friday, when according to the Police, a person was driving the car with loud music playing inside. And when the person was checked and asked to show his license and papers, he couldn’t. So, they had to bound the Mercedes car under the Motor Vehicle Act.

In his live, Mankirat added, that he believes this incident was a very regular and casual case. If one is not able to present the official license and documents of the vehicle, it is very normal that it will get bound by Police. The law is no different for a celebrity. But still the media highlighted this and made it a huge content. He said, he said media should focus more on much important issues and try their best to help the people who actually need their help. He said, there are people who aren’t getting enough drinking water and food to eat, but what media focuses on is all that helps them gain TRP and views. 

We agree with Mankirat because the media needs to look for real issues that can be helped and cured when highlighted. Though by presenting this news the media also only wanted to serve their audience with what they want, still, the authority media have makes it responsible to focus on the real problems of the society. 

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