Manpreet Manna & Sidhu Moosewala Indulge In An Online Spat Over Scapegoat

Sidhu Moosewala has released his latest track ‘Scapegoat’ which immediately became the talk of town. In the song, Sidhu expressed the story of him joining politics and drew satire on people and celebrities who made fun of him after he lost seat in Punjab Elections 2022. 

In the song, Moosewala has also slammed Garry Sandhu and NseeB by including a meme shared by Garry Sandhu and the screenshot of Instagram poll by Nseeb. But the story didn’t end here, as soon after the release of the song, Punjabi singer Manpreet Manna took it to his Instagram account and shared a set of stories to troll Sidhu Moosewala. 

In the stories, Manna mentioned statements like, ‘Kudijava jdo dekho royi o janda bs nyaneya vangu’, ‘koi gana ke ghr ch beh sun lain loki jinu’, ‘kise change bande di slah lai kise vdiya doctor nu mil’ and many more. 

While his comments on Sidhu Moosewala were still catching attention of people, the latter joined the battle field and an online war began. Sidhu too took an indirect dig at the singer by sharing a story on his Instagram account. In Sidhu’s recent story, he’s shared a sarcastic promotional advertisement for himself i.e. SMW Promotions. 

The note reads, “Contact SMW Promotions for career reviving and major clout. We can’t promise if the clout will be positive tho. All promotional assistance services will be charged.”

With this Sidhu Moosewala has indirectly stated that all what Manpreet Manna is doing is for getting in the limelight. For now Manpreet has not reacted on Moosewala’s reply.  

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