Master Saleem Gets Best Punjabi Sufi Singer Award By Victoria’s Parliament

Master Saleem, a musical virtuoso, transcends boundaries with his soul-stirring voice, captivating hearts globally. Hailing from a family deeply rooted in music, Saleem’s vocal prowess is a testament to his rich heritage. Renowned for his devotional and Sufi renditions, he effortlessly weaves emotions into every note, creating an ethereal experience for listeners.

To honor the undeniable talent Master Saleem has, the Parliament of Victoria, Australia on 14th November awarded the singer with the “Best Punjabi Sufi Singer Award”. 

Master Saleem shared this proud moment with all his fans on instagram and wrote, “Thanks To Mata Rani And Baba Murad Shah Ji For This Opportunity” .

Master Saleem, a renowned Punjabi singer, has carved a niche in the music industry with his soulful and powerful voice. His songs resonate with emotions, touching the hearts of listeners. Tracks like “Mauj Mastiyaan,” “Tere Bin,” and “Aaj Hona Deedar Mahi Da” showcase his versatility, seamlessly blending traditional Punjabi folk with contemporary music.

Master Saleem’s vocal prowess adds depth to devotional songs like “Jai Mata Di” and “Mere Haath Mein.” His contribution to Bollywood, including hits like “Aahun Aahun” from Love Aaj Kal, further solidifies his musical legacy.

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